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Types of Paddle Boats

All-Purpose Paddle Boats

Paddle-powered craft for exploring shallows to running white water.  Types of Paddle Boats  Great for fishing techniques. All-purpose aluminum to high-tech composites. Easy to use and enjoy. Range from about 10 to 22 ft. (Trailerable; 1-3 people)

Dinghies, Rowing

 Types of Paddle Boats  Rather fish than sail? Get the rowing dinghy to get around the harbor and wet a line. Small, car-topable at eight to 12 ft. or so. (Trailerable; 1-3 people)


 Types of Paddle Boats  One- or two-person craft traditionally used for short- distance transportation, now expanded to include whitewater rapids duty and some for "sea kayaking" on bigger lakes and along coasts. (Trailerable; 1 or 2 people)

Pedal Boats

 Types of Paddle Boats  Leg-powered, two- or three-seaters for lazy small- water excursions. Classic lake boat, great diversion for the kids and not-so-serious anglers. Eight to 12 ft. or so. (Trailerable; 1-3 people)

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