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Types of Fishing Boats

All-Purpose Fishing Boats

For those who fish from a boat for everything that bites, these are "generalist" craft with space for fishing gear, several bench seats or a few  Types of Fishing Boats  pedestal chair-back seats, a simple steering station or steer-by-tiller. They can be aluminum or fiberglass, are almost always outboard-powered, and are 15 to low-20s ft. long. (Trailerable; 1-5 people)

Bass Boats

Specialty craft for getting to the bass, fast. Accommodate larger outboards. Have lots of storage space for rods and gear. Outfitted with  Types of Fishing Boats  electronics and livewells. Usually feature a raised-deck casting platform in the bow (and often the stern), with provision for an electric trolling motor. Most often fiberglass, but aluminum models are available. Range from 16 to mid-20 ft. (Trailerable; 1-5 people)

Center-Console Fishing Boats

 Types of Fishing Boats  Allow angling from any place on deck, since the control station is located in the center. Generally outboard powered, some have small cabins for the "porta-potty" or to escape a squall. Depending on size, can be used offshore as well as near. Length from mid-teens to high-20s. (Trailerable; 1-5 people)

Flats Boats

 Types of Fishing Boats  Shallow-draft hulls, mostly fiberglass, with tilting outboard engines. These craft allow angling access to saltwater flats fish. Each boat features a "poling platform" that allows navigation and fish spotting. A casting deck gives the angler stable control. Upper-teens to mid-20s ft. (Trailerable; 1-3 people)

Offshore Sportfishing Boats

 Types of Fishing Boats  Combine the comforts of motor yachts and the functionality of large aft cockpits to work trophy fish and bring them aboard. Classic, durable deep-vee hulls in fiberglass and aluminum, often with twin inboards, large fuel capacities for long range, sophisticated electronics, cabin space for crew and guests. Range from the mid-30s to 50s and 60s. (Not Trailerable; 1-8 people).

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