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Finding the Boat that's Right for You

Think about what you want to do with your boat. Whether it's fishing, watersports, local or long-distance cruising - there's a boat that will make it all happen for you. Narrow down your choice Read more...


  • Which type of boat is right for me?

Since you are thinking of joining the 18 million Americans who enjoy recreational boating, you probably have an idea about the kinds of fun on the water that your boat will provide. One of the terrific things about boating is that there are boats designed for different activities, and there truly is something for everyone. Read more...

Types of Sailboats

Bring the comforts of home and engine-powered travel options to sailboats, offering open-cockpit seating for entertaining above decks and one or more cabins below decks to accommodate family and friends on overnight or extended cruises. Cruising sailboats start at about 30 ft. and keep going up to the "yacht" range at about 60 ft. (Not Trailerable; 1-8 people) Read more...

Types of Powerboats

So described because they are powered by jet pumps linked to engines. Fun and usually wet, small versions starting at about 12 ft. can take two or three along; larger versions ranging to 18 ft. can accommodate a couple more folks or pull tubers or skiers. (Trailerable; 1-5 people) Read more...

Types of Fishing Boats

For those who fish from a boat for everything that bites, these are "generalist" craft with space for fishing gear, several bench seats or a few pedestal chair-back seats, a simple steering station or steer-by-tiller. They can be aluminum or fiberglass, are almost always outboard-powered, and are 15 to low-20s ft. long. (Trailerable; 1-5 people) Read more...

Types of Paddle Boats

Paddle-powered craft for exploring shallows to running white water. Great for fishing techniques. All-purpose aluminum to high-tech composites. Easy to use and enjoy. Range from about 10 to 22 ft. (Trailerable; 1-3 people) Read more...

Personal Watercraft

More often known by brand names such as "Jet Skis" or "Sea Doos." Two varieties include stand-on or sit-on; Read more...

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