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National Survey Indicates Boat Owners Rate Marriage, Romance, Health, Other Key Areas of Life Satisfaction Higher

According to recent findings, the happiest couples this season are likely to be boaters. A new national survey released today during the Miami Boat Show finds boat owners report higher levels of satisfaction in marriage and romance Read more...

SURVEY SAYS??? Boaters are happier!!!

A recent survey conducted by Impulse Research Corp. found that boaters are healthier and happier than their nonboating counterparts, according to a Friday, January 17 release from the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). Read more...

View from the Marina: OUR LABOR OF LOVE

By Barb Hansen
July 1, 2004

The year was 1984. Nuclear arms controls with the Soviet Union were unraveling. The prime loan rate was 13 percent. Vic and I started Southwest Florida Yachts. Read more...

Discover Poker Running

A Poker Run is not a race. It's a game of chance and an assembly of some of the hottest, fastest and most exotic boats in North America, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Call it a new version of 5-Card Stud, the Poker Run phenomena is fueling the high performance boat industry all in the name of fun in the fast lane. Read more...

The Boat Across America Tour

My buddy Pete and I spent some time this summer on a boat called The Boat Across America. It was not a cruising boat. But it was an Albemarle 24 Cuddy Express, equipped with Read more...

Share the Love

The Discover Boating Guy discusses his passion for boats
by Steve Tadd

We, as boaters, are a lucky bunch. We understand that life is better with a boat. So what hooked us? What happened in our lives that gave us this unyielding passion to spend our precious time exploring the lakes and rivers and oceans around us? Read more...

Better Kids

By Randy Vance of BoatingLife Magazine

There's no sure-fire way to make sure your children grow up just right. I think my parents -- and a few of my friends -- would point to me as evidence of that. Read more...

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